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Dog Handler

Security Patrol Dogs & Handlers

Our adept security dogs and skilled handlers provide a strong deterrent against intruders, while our K9 patrols efficiently secure vast areas, ensuring comprehensive protection for your premises.

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Shopping Mall

The Loyal Reliance team has expertise collaborating with retail and leisure management to implement the security component on their property. To match your unique goals and expectations, we can create a comprehensive strategic security strategy and then apply the best solution.




The oil and gas sector requires ongoing, frequently significant development. There is a need for effective, economical security when new resources and systems go online. These initiatives are crucial and part of a thorough security strategy that responds to demand.




The warehouse industry plays a crucial role in the global supply chain since it acts as the main connection between producers, distributors, and retailers. The sector has seen tremendous expansion in recent years, spurred by the growth of e-commerce and the rising need for quicker delivery times. Changes in location and architecture are also being observed in the warehouse industry. Multi-level warehouses are becoming more common in metropolitan settings where space is at a premium, enabling businesses to maximise constrained real estate.




Road network expansion and improvement necessitate sophisticated and all-encompassing security measures. Sites might span several kilometres and be very large. Budgets may be managed and effective, cost-efficient security can be ensured with the deployment of cutting-edge surveillance and reconnaissance technology like drones and mobile CCTV.




This industry entails building schools, colleges, universities, as well as factories, offices, and warehouses. It also includes the construction of educational and research facilities. We provide a customised security plan that is both extremely effective and suitable for a given setting and situation.

The Protector Group has expertise protecting a variety of civil engineering projects, such as sewage and waste water treatment facilities, as well as larger-scale activities like crucial flood prevention and land management initiatives.




The UK’s economy depends heavily on the automobile sector, which need secure premises. It is important to safeguard the delicate nature of manufacturing as well as the ongoing supply, distribution, and storage of essential and priceless commodities.




The UK’s system for supplying electricity is in flux. Modern generating and transmission systems are replacing outdated ones.

CPNI certified towers are authorised for deployment at CNI critical locations that are observed by our own NSI Gold ARC for both long- and short-term employment.

Modern nuclear energy, together with wind, solar, and carbon capture, is replacing outdated infrastructure. It is crucial to ensure the security of these initiatives. Some are delicate and can be divisive.




The UK’s investment in infrastructure for the next ten years is focused on rail expansions. Major advancements include comprehensive, turn-key projects with broad, statewide impact as well as updating and expanding current networks.

The security requirements for these projects are complicated and extremely strict. They frequently garner media attention because they are extremely delicate or contentious. These settings are multi-site, transformational, and dynamic.




Our distinctive approach combines seasoned planning and management with cutting-edge technology and is supported by the power of our extensive national resource. As a result, every phase of a big project—from building to commission to operation—will have the best possible security approach at the lowest possible cost.

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